BMSRR - Basic Minimalistic Simple RSS Reader

Table of Contents

1 Description

BMSRR is my Google Reader replacement. BMSRRs main feature are:

  1. Self-hosted
  2. Is a single PHP file
  3. Does not use a database
  4. Uses the Google Reader subscriptions.xml to read feeds

Features missing (that Google Reader have):

  1. Saving stories for later
  2. Keeping a backlog of stories after they are removed from its RSS feed
  3. Fancy ajax/html interface with shortcuts
  4. An easy way to add/edit RSS feeds
  5. Instantly get new stories

2 News

  • 20 May 2013: Version 1.0

3 Demo

Bmsrr demo. The demo is generated from these rss feeds. Updating the demo shows a static output of what happens when actually updating.

4 Download

5 Github

6 Installation

6.1 Requirements

  • A webserver that can handle PHP
  • Write access

6.2 Set up

  1. Possible change bmsrr.php (changing the timezone is a good start (See list of PHPs supported timezones).
  2. Upload bmsrr.php to a webserver that can handle PHP.
  3. Upload your Google Reader subscriptions.xml to the same directory you uploaded bmsrr.php to (or write your own based on my demo subscriptions.xml).
  4. Open the url to bmsrr.php in a browser.
    • If you get an error about not being able to create a file. Then make that file yourself and give it write permissions. E.g. for an FTP server:
touch bmsrr.html bmsrr_data.txt
cd path
put bmsrr.html
chmod 777 bmsrr.html
put bmsrr_data.txt
chmod 777 bmsrr_data.txt
  1. Open the url to the generated file (bmsrr.html) in a browser.

Author: Dan Amlund Thomsen

Created: 2019-05-09 Thu 19:53