Generate fun minesweeper games

Idea and explanation at Fun Minesweeper idea.

Generate minesweeper games, automatically solve then, score them based on fun-ness, show user the game with the highest score.

Fun-ness score is high for moves that require multiple pieces of information. Score is negative for games that require guessing to solve.

Marking neighbors around a "1" block with a flagged mine uses 1 block of information. 1-blocks are not fun and give no score. A move that requires information about two numbered blocks and their neighbors uses 2 blocks of information and give 1 score. 3-blocks give 2 score each. Moves requiring >3 blocks or knowledge about the number of mines left give 3 score each.

To score games in a consistent fashion, we start games with the largest area of "0" blocks uncovered.

Try some high-scoring games I found:

Minesweeper controls



Top-right icons change behavior of left-click.


Generation controls